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Annual Surveys

Survey's at Strive

Every year, Strive Living Society reaches out to all service recipients, stakeholders, and personnel members, for feedback on the services delivered and job satisfaction. These surveys are an important tool for us to assess how we’ve performed over the past year, and where we need to focus our energy to make improvements. The survey results are used for continuous quality assurance, to revise policies and procedures, and incorporated into strategic and program planning. Results of the surveys are strictly confidential unless otherwise stated.

Please click on the appropriate link below to start the survey. If you prefer a written survey, please contact our head office to request a hard copy. If you require any assistance to complete a survey, please consult any Strive personnel member.

Consumer Feedback Satisfaction Surveys
Stakeholder Feedback Satisfaction Survey
Staff and Contractor Feedback Satisfaction Surveys

Thank you for taking a few moments to complete the Strive Annual Survey!