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Children & Youth

Strive Living Society offers a variety of programs and services dedicated to children and youth with specific needs including acquired brain injuries, intellectual disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities, complex health care, and youth justice issues.

Strive Living Society works with children, youth and their families and networks to maximize their quality of life and supports their full participation in their homes, families, and community. From specialized staffed resources to one-to-one educational programs, Strive builds resources around each child and youth to help them reach their full potential. Please browse available programs below or give us a call to discuss your unique needs.

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Respite Services

Respite care offers a child or youth with a safe place to stay while providing temporary relief to families or care providers.

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Specialized Foster Care

A child or youth in foster care lives with and is cared for by a family or single caregiver in their home in the community.

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Specialized Staffed Resources

A home is developed for a child or youth to meet their specific health, physical, mental, emotional, and/or behavioural needs.

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One-to-One Support

This program provides children and youth and their families with a one-to-one support worker to assist the child or youth to access community recreation and leisure activities.

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