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Foster Care

Foster Care at Strive Living Society

A child or youth in foster care lives with a family, couple, or single caregiver in the caregiver’s home in the community. The child or youth is supported with their day-to-day needs, participates in family activities, and is integrated into the community. All of our families and caregivers are qualified to provide a high standard of care, support, and supervision to the child or youth. The foster care program has homes throughout the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast, including Powell River.

Referrals from MCFD are required to become part of Strive’s Children and Youth Services Program.

Strive carefully and thoroughly screens and selects all homes and caregivers before approving them for Foster Care. This program operates within a trauma-informed and attachment-based theoretical approach. The program’s philosophy is to provide children and youth with a foundation of care and support to reach their full potential.

Foster Care providers are required to perform duties which may include overseeing medication administration, providing personal care, meal preparation, grocery shopping, activity planning, facilitating cultural connections, and transportation. Extensive experience supporting individuals with complex intellectual, behavioural, and social needs is required.

For more information about Foster Care for children and youth in the Lower Mainland, Powell River, and/or Sunshine Coast, please contact the Director of Children and Youth Services.

Why become a Foster Care provider?
  • Opportunity to work from home.
  • Make a meaningful impact in the life of a child or youth.
  • Competitive compensation ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 net monthly.
  • Ongoing, extensive case management provided.
  • Contracted directly with Strive Living Society, a registered non-profit organization that has provided residential and recreational programs throughout the Lower Mainland since 1988.
Email us for more information on foster care.

Please send an email and attach a detailed Cover Letter and Resume to Agnes, Children and Youth Home Assessment Manager at: