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Our residential options include the provision of homes, apartments, suites, and rooms which can house individuals, couples, and families; or alternatively, we bring our services into your own home if that’s where you prefer to receive support. Regardless of the type of residence or who owns it, our staff are there to ensure your accommodation and services are personalized and maximize your own comfort.

Similarly, our community integration options provide centres for individuals to gather, or we send a worker directly to your home to assist you to access your community on a one-to-one basis. Either way, it’s our goal to help you to live more actively in your community.

Not sure of which service you’re in need of? Browse the options below or give us a call at 604.936.9944 and we’ll be pleased to assist you!

Assisted Independent Living

The Assisted Independent Living (AIL) Program provides home share / community support homes to adults with acquired brain injury, mental health diagnoses, as well as physical, intellectual, and medical healthcare needs.

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Hybrid Supported Home Share

The Hybrid Supported Home Share Program is a comprehensive model of care that Strive has created in order to support individuals with complex behavioural, social, and medical needs. Individuals are placed into carefully matched family homes, considering the preferences and lifestyles of both the individuals in service and the home share providers.

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Strive Centre Footprints & Pinetree

Strive Centre Footprints & Pinetree Program offers person-centred program schedules to adults with intellectual disabilities. The program operates out of the Footprints Day Centre or individuals’ homes.

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Strive Centre Vancouver

The Strive Centre Vancouver is a meeting point and a hub of activity for adults with various levels of abilities and support needs.

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Strive Centre Headway

Strive Centre Headway welcomes adults with acquired brain injuries to volunteer, drop-in, or participate in scheduled recreational and leisure activities during the week.

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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) provides one-to-one and group support to adults with disabilities who are working towards achieving personal goals.

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Community Leisure Program

Community Leisure Program (CLP) is a community-based recreational and leisure program which provides individualized and group activities to adults with an acquired brain injury.

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Staffed Residences

Staffed homes are residences in the community where one to six individuals of diverse abilities live and receive a high level of supervision and support.

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Assisted Living Apartments

Assisted Living Apartments provide self-contained, accessible suites where tenants have access to 24 hr staff, personal assistance, hospitality services, and recreational opportunities.

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Respite Services

Respite Services offer temporary and emergency relief to families or caregivers by sending a respite worker into the home or moving the adult to the respite worker’s home.

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