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Jennifer Publishes her Powerful Story of Recovery
18 Feb, 2017. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Strive

Jennifer has written a refreshing and honest story of her journey through illness and the lengthy process of recovery and healing. Jennifer was recently nominated for the Courage to Come Back Award and she deserves that recognition. This nomination inspired her to take the time to write down her incredible story and create a website. Jennifer is part of Strive’s Assisted Independent Living program and we are so proud of her courage and determination. She is a very talented writer and we recommend reading her full story. Below is a brief excerpt.

“In June of 2013, I moved into my new Family Care Home with Mira and her lovely family. I have my own suite, with a bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchenette, and a large patio and yard where I grow flowers and vegetables. All the amenities are within wheelchair driving distance, and Mira provides me with cable, Internet, Netflix, and Wi-Fi. Since arriving here, I’ve continued to push myself, practicing walking on the treadmill, stretching my shoulders, and most importantly, always trying to do things for myself before calling for help. This strategy has helped me improve my life in all kinds of ways, from my independence to my ROM. And being willing to try new things has allowed me to learn to use transit, to travel the ferry to visit my parents, to get into a car, to go to dinner without my chair, and to have the confidence to go anywhere in this world and do anything in my imagination that I set my goals for.”