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The Incredible Story of a Boy with Development Disabilities Finding a Place to Strive ˜ Lorie
18 May, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Strive

“We first learned about Strive through our Community Living BC social worker once Alexander had graduated from high school and we were looking for quality programming for him. I had also been searching the Strive website about other programs on the Lower Mainland. We visited the Headway Centre in New Westminster and received such a warm and friendly greeting and had fun participating in a music session. We then learned that Strive was opening a new location called Strive Centre on Joyce Street in Vancouver on June 1.

In early June, we set up an appointment at the Strive Centre and we have been thoroughly enjoying quality programming there since then! We have also been enjoying services with the Footprints Day Program team every Thursday at our local bowling alley since July.

Whether we are with the team and clients at Strive Centre or Footprints Day Program, we are always greeted with warmth and kindness by both clients and staff members. Staff are so supportive of our family and are genuinely interested in Alexander. We found that Alexander was very sad after leaving high school, he was really mourning that loss of seeing friends and staff each day and the transition was very, very difficult for him.

In addition, we had suffered great sadness and tragedy in our family as we lost our daughter and Alexander’s paternal grandmother within 11 months of each other, our daughter right after Alexander’s graduation in June 2014 and Grandma in May 2015. We had travelled to Ontario for 3 weeks after losing our daughter and then to England for 5 weeks last Fall. Alexander’s life was totally turned upside down and inside out. I have found that once we started to attend the quality programs at Strive, he seemed to become more of his usual optimistic and cheerful self.

Alexander is a very social young man and really enjoys meeting new people and the warmth he (and all of us) have received from Strive, really has helped us all to heal and find a place for ourselves in which we feel we belong. Walking through the doors at Strive Centre is like walking into a family home where everyone is truly happy to see Alexander (and all of us). Strive has helped to give Alexander his bounce back!”

The activities are also helping him with his motor skills (for example painting and bowling all help with fine motor coordination). I have noticed his fine motor skills are becoming more refined and he is becoming more motivated to use these skills. Small group activities have really helped to have Alexander shine socially once again.

We love the fact that the staff all telephone and email us to make sure that we are abreast of any new activities or events that Alexander might enjoy, the staff go that extra mile! We can’t thank the staff and clients enough for all their support, it has been such a very difficult time for us all and yet Strive has really helped us to find the fun back in our lives. We will be forever grateful.”