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Freedom and Liberty’s 10 Year Anniversary
15 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Alisha Lundgren-Drinkwater

A million thanks to the following individuals/organizations who contributed to the success of both Liberty and Freedom’s recent 10 year anniversaries parties. 

  • Prizes from Amorosa Restaurant, Landmark New West, Landmark Guildford Centre, Guildford Mall, Zenny MacDonell, Arthur Lee, Anna Ha, Strive Living for gift certificates
  • Grand Central Consignment in New West who treated us to an afternoon tea/shopping event to help us prepare for this special night.
  • Blanche McDonald students (Josie West and Irene Chin) who donated their time in beautifying both Liberty tenants and staff.
  • Raj Sushil who contributed to our champagne toasts.
  • Our lovely volunteers for the nights: Mary D, Donna R, Lei, Justin M, Maleeha, Nancie, Melba, Kiyoko.
  • Staff who were onsite for the nights’ celebrations: Krista, Ljiliana, Anna, Funke, Jackie, Shaminder, Jagjeet, Mercy, Amandeep, Evelyn, Myrna.
  • Staff who were not present, but who provide quality care to our tenants on a daily basis.
  • Melinda and Mackenzy, our lovely rec facilitators who were a big part of the party planning committee.
  • Special shout out to Erin Terry, who not only single-handedly catered both events, she also wrapped all the prize packages and helped with décor design.  All bow to the party wizard! Thanks so much Erin!
  • Thank you to Strive personnel who came out to celebrate with us:  Loretta, Elsa (and Michael), and Christie
  • Thank you to FHA and BC Housing for their continual support to Liberty and Freedom Place.  We are extremely grateful every day to be working with them.  Thanks Sylvia, Donna, and Arthur for coming out to our parties.
  • Last, but not least – to Liberty and Freedom tenants (both old, new and in between) – you guys are the reason why we’re here. Your friendship, stories and the fact that you have all overcome such obstacles throughout your time at Liberty and Freedom are truly inspiring and you make being in the field a worthwhile endeavor for us all. ~Assisted Living