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Bud’s Story, an Assisted Living Tenant
14 Dec, 2018. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Alisha Lundgren-Drinkwater

Bud has been an Assisted Living tenant with Strive for five out of ten years since he experienced a spinal cord injury. During his recovery process, professionals told him he would not be able to complete daily tasks the same as before. This information lead to feelings of depression for eight years and weight gain. Bud lost the weight over the last two years and would like to inspire others in a similar situation.

During his recovery shortly after injury, professionals told Bud he should not expect to improve or make progress. After learning this information, Bud lost hope and began to turn towards food for comfort. Eight years in this state made him gain a significant amount of weight, which affected his energy, movement, and self-esteem. Eight years went by, then one day he decided the professionals were wrong and he could live a life he wanted.
He began following a specific dietary regimen and altered the meals at his residence. In additional to diet, he utilized exercises learned in physiotherapy and drew on his knowledge from being a fitness trainer prior to the injury.  Bud had the tools to lose the weight and become healthy again. He was 270 Lbs. in the beginning of his journey and is now 170 Lbs., losing a total of 100 Lbs. Continuing to purchase equipment, such as a Bowflex for his room or a manual chair to incorporate some cardio exercise, he has found a routine to reach maintainable goals.

Bud reports that the benefits of exercise and a balanced diet include an increase in energy, movement, and self-confidence. After years of believing he was unable to improve, as stated by professionals, he is more than happy to prove them wrong. Through his journey Bud realized a need to accomplish a better state of health. Bud hopes to inspire others through sharing tips, accessing resources, and collaborating on healthy initiatives.