Become a Home Share Provider.

The Assisted Independent Living (AIL) Program provides home share / community support homes to adults with acquired brain injury, mental health diagnoses, as well as physical, intellectual, and medical healthcare needs.

The benefits of being a provider

Make a difference

Improve an individuals life. Care providers are also provided with training including First Aid and CPR.

Work From Home

We match home share providers and individuals to ensure an optimal living arrangement.

Earn Income

Strive offers competitive compensationearning between $1,500 to $4,500 net monthly

The goal of Assisted Independent Living?

To promote healthy, fulfilling lives by providing a foundation of support.

What is the goal of Assisted Independent Living? 

The goal of the AIL Program is to assist the people we support to live independently by helping them to develop their life skills and maintain a high quality of life. This program provides services throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and the Sunshine Coast.

What does Assisted Independent Living offer? 

This program is fully individualized so how the service and supports are delivered is unique to the person requesting the service. The individual can choose to be involved with the homeowner as much or as little as they prefer. Getting active in the community is often a critical piece to those people choosing to live in our homes. Individuals are welcome to bring their belongings to the home so it feels comfortable and familiar or the accommodations can be furnished. Assistance moving in/out is provided.

What to expect

 Our care providers help change the lives of individuals through some or all of the following:

Behavioral support

Social Development

Meal planning



Community Transportation

...and more!

Contact us for more information on AIL home share.

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