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Jul 18
Strive’s 2019 Acquired Brain Injury Awareness BBQ a Success
Strive's 2019 ABI Awareness BBQ was a fabulous success. Well over a hundred individuals, volunteers, employees, and community members attended. We wish to thank everyone who attended this year and made it such a vibrant, diverse, and positive event. Feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive and Strive is honoured to provide this annual event for the brain injury community and advocates. This year Strive organized interactive games, a live performance from our Music Therapy Program at Strive Centre Vancouver, a mind-boggling magician (Michael Dinero), and a delicious lunch. DJ James helped to keep energy levels high with a great…
Jul 18
Strive to Ride Raises Nearly $11,000 for Heart and Stroke
Strive rode the Big Bike for Heart & Stroke Foundation for the 5th time in 2019, their most recent ride taking place in June in Burnaby. The Strive to Ride team raised close to $4,000 this year through their efforts and under the leadership of their excellent Team Captain, Michelle. The Strive to Ride team had a very fast bike ride time this year due to the strength of the riders, exceeding the times of both the earlier teams that day. Strive is proud to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation and do our part to make an impact. Strive…
Mar 19
Tricks to Navigating the Maze by Patrick Clark, Assisted Living Tenant
This is the simplest way to have a positive outlook. While the following isn't meant to deal with any severe condition, be it physical or mental. It is indeed amazing how much of one's state of mind is under their control. People choose their awareness to any given environment on a moment by moment basis. However, with the multitasking and distractions of the modern world, to say nothing of how quickly it moves, this awareness can frequently get lost in the labyrinth of input, resulting in the adoption of a negative outlook. This is due to the fact that most attention-grabbing…
Jan 10
Fundraising for Footprints Reaches the $3000 Mark
Thanks to recent fundraising efforts by our outstanding team, we have raised $3000 towards the expansion of Strive Centre Footprints in North Vancouver. Our three Craft Fair Fundraisers in 2018 included Mother's Day Tea, a sold out Paint Nite event, and our Christmas Craft Fair. Sincere thanks to Blueridge House and all our staff and clients at Footprints. An extra special thanks to Bonnie and Peter Berger, owners of the Frame Shop, for generously donating an incredible array of jewelry, decorations, knickknacks, Christmas-themed items, and Webkinz. Also, thank you to Garnet MacMullian for amazing donations, and of course, everyone who…
Jan 4
Strive Centre Vancouver Awarded a Grant for 2019
4 Jan, 2019. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Alisha Lundgren-Drinkwater
We have some excellent news to report at the start of this new year. Strive Centre Vancouver's Music Program has been awarded a grant in the amount of $3300! This financial support will allow the Centre to maintain current music therapy programming level of 2 hours per week. Heartfelt thanks to Music Heals Canada for supporting us for the 2nd consecutive year! This program invites all abilities and levels to explore the therapeutic value of music. Increased memory, cognitive benefits, and stress reduction are all associated with music therapy. Community connection is increased through musical exploration with others. Check out…
Dec 14
Bud’s Story, an Assisted Living Tenant
14 Dec, 2018. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Alisha Lundgren-Drinkwater
Bud has been an Assisted Living tenant with Strive for five out of ten years since he experienced a spinal cord injury. During his recovery process, professionals told him he would not be able to complete daily tasks the same as before. This information lead to feelings of depression for eight years and weight gain. Bud lost the weight over the last two years and would like to inspire others in a similar situation.   During his recovery shortly after injury, professionals told Bud he should not expect to improve or make progress. After learning this information, Bud lost hope…
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