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The Assisted Independent Living Program provides accommodations and supports to seniors with physical limitations, developmental disabilities, and medical healthcare needs as well as acquired brain injury and mental health diagnoses. 

What is the goal of Assisted Independent Living?

The goal of the Assisted Independent Living Program is to assist the seniors we support to remain as independent as possible by helping them to maintain their abilities and maintain a high quality of life.

What does Assisted Independent Living offer?

This program is fully individualized so how the service and supports are delivered is unique to the person requesting the service. The senior can chose to be involved with the homeowner as much or as little as they prefer. Getting active in the community is often a very important piece to those seniors who chose to live in one of the AIL homes. Individuals are welcome to bring their own belongings to the home so it feels comfortable and familiar or alternatively the accommodations can be furnished. Assistance moving in/out is provided.

The Assisted Independent Living Program offers two types of homes:

Neighbourhood Homes

A senior choses to live in a care provider’s home that has a separate full suite or shared accommodation setting (bedroom with a window and closet but shares the other areas of the home like the kitchen and living room with the care providers). The senior requires supports throughout the day from the care provider.

Neighbourly Living

A senior lives in care provider’s home that has a separate full suite. The senior requires limited supports throughout the day from the care provider.

The care provider can assist with any of the below (but are not limited to):

  • Meal planning/grocery shopping
  • Cooking and housekeeping duties
  • Personal finances/budgeting
  • Leisure planning/ Participation in recreation and leisure programs
  • Use of community transportation
  • Addressing medical/mental/health care issues
  • Participation in shared and individual chores
  • Life and social skills development
  • Behavioural support/Interpersonal skills

Services may be purchased privately or via referral from a funder.

For more information on AIL Services for seniors, contact the Director of Assisted Independent Living. Strive also offers senior home care services.