May 29
Good Night: How Sleeping Well Can Boost Brain Power
The restorative powers of a good night’s sleep are often celebrated: got a tough decision to make? Do it after a good night’s sleep. Feeling angry about something? It’ll seem brighter in the morning. And yet, recent data shows that around one-third of Canadian adults aren’t getting enough sleep. Aside from the short-term damage this does to energy levels and overall mood, the long-term consequences are significant. Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle; just as important as enjoying time outdoors regularly. Going without it can create physical and mental health issues, including memory loss and poor cognitive function. It’s therefore particularly important for later life…
Apr 9
Join Strive at its Annual Acquired Brain Injury Awareness BBQ
Join us on Wednesday, June 13th for our annual ABI Awareness BBQ! This fun, inclusive, and free event takes place in New Westminster from 12 pm to 3 pm in Queen’s Park. This is a community celebration that includes food, music, games, and special guest speakers. We aspire to bring together community members in the Lower Mainland affected by acquired brain injury for a diverse social gathering and celebration. This event also increases public awareness of ABI by offering interactive information, speakers, and the opportunity to meet people living with acquired brain injuries. Food options include hot dogs, veggie dogs, fruit, and veggies. Games include…
Apr 5
Starting Over: How Art Can Help You to Learn to Live Again
Fourteen percent of the Canadian population over 15 years old (approximately 3.8 million people) report having some form of disability. In addition to this vast number, a wide range of mental and physical health issues go unreported and untreated. Canadians with diverse abilities make up a significant proportion of the population. Art therapy is one method of helping those who have diverse abilities, depression, or who simply feel detached from society, start to live happily again.   One good example of how art has helped people who have experienced trauma is James Poon. A member of Strive Centre Headway New West, Poon…
Mar 23
Strive to Hold an Open House for NAOSH Week
Strive is proud to be participating in NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health Association) Week again this year!  Join our NAOSH Open House on Monday, May 7th, we'll be promoting awareness of Health and Safety in the workplace. The open house will showcase ways in which Strive (and other organizations) can make safety a habit. This event will feature: Interactive displays for kitchen safety Interactive ergonomic safety at a desk Build a First Aid kit discovery station Full display of what is in an Earthquake Kit Date: Monday, May 7, 2018 Location: #500-4370 Dominion Street, Burnaby BC V5G 4L7, Tonnar Brace…
Mar 23
Meeting Space Available for Short-term Rentals in Burnaby
Strive’s Head Office has a stunning space available for meetings, get-togethers, training events, and seminars! The Tonnar Brace room, named after Strive’s founder, is available for short-term rentals and is over 1,700 Sq./Ft. The room has excellent natural light from two directions, a small updated kitchen, a snack vending machine, and an ample supply of tables and chairs. The Tonnar Brace room is located in Burnaby at our Head Office, near BCIT and the Grand Villa Casino, right across from the Delta Hotel. There are plenty of restaurants located nearby: Personas, Starbucks, and Atlas Steak + Fish (just to name a few directly…
Mar 14
Helping Seniors to Safely Enjoy the Great Outdoors
For the first time ever, seniors in Canada outnumber children. A 2016 survey found that the aging population is far surpassing the younger generation, which means focus in care must switch to the elderly. As people are living longer, aging individuals are continuing to have active social lives well into their twilight years. It has become the responsibility of everyone, from home health aides to family members, to make sure seniors are safe when they travel outdoors. Create a safe environment for seniors to enjoy by taking a few extra steps in their care. Check the Environment The first step is to…
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