Nov 15
Freedom and Liberty’s 10 Year Anniversary
A million thanks to the following individuals/organizations who contributed to the success of both Liberty and Freedom’s recent 10 year anniversaries parties.  Prizes from Amorosa Restaurant, Landmark New West, Landmark Guildford Centre, Guildford Mall, Zenny MacDonell, Arthur Lee, Anna Ha, Strive Living for gift certificates Grand Central Consignment in New West who treated us to an afternoon tea/shopping event to help us prepare for this special night. Blanche McDonald students (Josie West and Irene Chin) who donated their time in beautifying both Liberty tenants and staff. Raj Sushil who contributed to our champagne toasts. Our lovely volunteers for the nights:…
Nov 15
A Painting for Strive Centre Vancouver
This painting was created by a Strive Centre Vancouver participant. He expressed that his artwork is part of his healing journey and wishes to remain anonymous. Below is a dedication in his own words. Dedication: I have an Acquired Brain Injury and have struggled to find proper services since 2010. In 2016 I heard about the Strive Centre and my friend Dana had come here with me to help me find better services. Although we all suffer differing effects of our head injuries, it is the staff at the Strive Centre who have shown me the most compassion and understanding of…
Aug 21
Listen to Strive’s 2018 Acquired Brain Injury BBQ guest speakers
Strive held its annual ABI Awareness BBQ in June. Despite the downpour, over 100 people braved the weather, socialized, and had lunch at Queen's Park, New Westminster. Guest speakers, Shannon Vrsnik, Director of Assisted Independent Living and Jennifer Burgmann, an inspiring brain injury survivor and advocate stole the show. Jennifer is part of our Assisted Independent Living program and resides with a home share provider. We wish to take this opportunity to thank both speakers and everyone who helped organize this highly successful event. Tune in to Shannon's speech here. Jennifer's story can be listened to here. Looking forward to…
Aug 21
Strive celebrates its 30th anniversary
Strive celebrated in style at the top of Grouse Mountain. Close to 250 individuals, employees, family members, and home share providers attended. It was a celebration to remember, and the best part was having all facets of Strive together to enjoy the occasion.  Founded in 1988 by a Psychologist and Social Worker with the shared belief that even the most challenging individuals could live successfully in the community, Strive began as a modest group home for three young adults with developmental disabilities from the former Woodlands Hospital. Today, Strive serves individuals, not only adults with developmental disabilities, but also children, youth, and…
May 29
Good Night: How Sleeping Well Can Boost Brain Power
The restorative powers of a good night’s sleep are often celebrated: got a tough decision to make? Do it after a good night’s sleep. Feeling angry about something? It’ll seem brighter in the morning. And yet, recent data shows that around one-third of Canadian adults aren’t getting enough sleep. Aside from the short-term damage this does to energy levels and overall mood, the long-term consequences are significant. Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle; just as important as enjoying time outdoors regularly. Going without it can create physical and mental health issues, including memory loss and poor cognitive function. It’s therefore particularly important for later life…
Apr 9
Join Strive at its Annual Acquired Brain Injury Awareness BBQ
Join us on Wednesday, June 13th for our annual ABI Awareness BBQ! This fun, inclusive, and free event takes place in New Westminster from 12 pm to 3 pm in Queen’s Park. This is a community celebration that includes food, music, games, and special guest speakers. We aspire to bring together community members in the Lower Mainland affected by acquired brain injury for a diverse social gathering and celebration. This event also increases public awareness of ABI by offering interactive information, speakers, and the opportunity to meet people living with acquired brain injuries. Food options include hot dogs, veggie dogs, fruit, and veggies. Games include…
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